how the web design process works

The Web Design Process can vary depending on who you work with. At Aycock Marketing, we prefer to package the whole process and give you bite-sized stages of our process so that you can understand what goes into our web design projects. This also helps you understand what you’ll need when hiring a web designer to create your new website. Let’s take a look at the points in this blog below to see exactly how the web design process works.

Stage 1 – “Begin With the End in Mind”

You start here. This is where we determine where you are. This is also the very place we decide exactly where you want to be. We have a process to help you make these decisions easily. This will cover everything from colors, logos, purpose, etc. When asking yourself questions like “What do I like about my current website?” … “What do I like about my competitors’ websites?” … “What do I dislike… etc.”, you’ll begin to better understand exactly what it is you need on your website to accomplish your business goals.

Stage 2 – Wireframe / Web Design Blueprint

Once you and your web designer have a good, solid understanding of what it is you actually need your website for, when you need it, and how it will be executed, your web designer will draw up what we like to call a Web Design Blueprint. This will show you the hierarchy of the website along with how each page will be laid out. This will not include any styling and will just be a black and white page to show the layout. The web design blueprint will act the same way as you would outline a paved sidewalk.

Stage 3 – Final Draft

As soon as we’ve taken all of the information we gathered at the beginning of the web design process and added to our Web Design Blueprint, we’ll be ready to present you with a rough draft. During this stage, you’ll want to review it with you and other decision makers in your business so you can take notes and make a list of things that need to be altered.

Stage 4 – A Website That Looks Great

Once all steps of this web design process have been complete, you’ll have a website that looks great. You’ll be able to check off each item from the list we made in Stage 1 and have a true sense of purpose and accomplishment.

Web Design Process Complete

We thank you for reading through our Web Design Process today and we hope that you found this information helpful. If you talk with a web designer and they don’t make the process this easy to understand, you’re likely to have a hard time getting exactly what you want when you want it. If you’d like to breeze through the process and have a beautiful website that serves your purpose and that you’re proud of, tap the button below to schedule a call with Aycock Marketing to get started now.

Zander Aycock

Zander Aycock

Web Designer & Digital Marketer

Zander Aycock is a local marketer that is truly passionate about helping other local businesses. He has spent most of his time working with eCommerce websites and marketing them using Facebook, Instagram and Google with both paid and organic strategies. After gaining a few years of professional experience, he decided to pivot and help some of the local businesses he frequents and loves. Since then, businesses have had successful launches, grown their revenue and customer base, improved their customer's experiences, and got people back to their shops a second and third time.

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