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Chances are you don’t have time to post on Facebook every day. You’re busy operating your business and tending to customers & employees. Good news: so are most business owners. While you have competitors, you’re all facing a similar issue: Your Facebook game is dramatically lacking on almost every level. We’ve together a few reasons why we think you should hire a Facebook Specialist today! Read below to hear us out.

1. Advanced Targeting

Facebook is the most advanced advertising platform known today in the digital marketing world. That being said, the targeting options are extremely advanced and require many many hours to learn. There are so many options. It can take most people days to get through learning all options available and then trying them all out is a whole different story. Hiring a local Facebook Specialist will save you time. You won’t have to take the time learn it all.

2. Strict Guidelines

Facebook has strict guidelines when it comes to advertising on their platform. The more times you post things that are against their strict guidelines, the more they ‘ding’ your ad account. You are allowed a limited (unknown) amount of dings before they suspend your account. Suspension means you’ll no longer be able to advertise on their platform. This is huge. Don’t mess it up! Hire someone that knows the policies. Hire a Facebook Specialist.

3. Ad Creative / Images

When you hire a Facebook Specialist, this should include finding one that has the skills and tools necessary to create an effective image for posts and ads that resonates with your audience and followers. Someone that is well-versed in Adobe Photoshop and understands basic photography best practices. While most smartphones now have great cameras, there are still best practices that will allow your photos to resonate more with people. Your posts must align with your brand values and photos and graphics in your posts will help support them.

4. Define a Strategy

Most small businesses don’t have a strategy for their social media marketing. They post when they get the time, they don’t respond to their followers, they don’t monitor their pages, they don’t make goals and map out ways to accomplish those goals. A good Facebook Specialist will set measurable goals and predict timeframes/timelines in which the process should take place. There should be a simple step-by-step process you follow that will advance you to a better internet presence. A lot of times, business owners don’t know how to do this. We understand though, you didn’t start a business so you could learn the in’s and out’s of Facebook.

5. Avoid Wasting Money

Facebook can be a money pit. Agree? Or disagree? We agree. If you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, you’re going to lose a lot of money and you’ll get nowhere. Imagine this… you buy a billboard. The billboard company puts it off a side dirt road where no one ever travels. I’d say you just wasted your money. You got nothing out of it. However, the billboard company didn’t tell you where they put it. So you just wasted your money and don’t know how effective it was anyway. Facebook is dangerous. You need to spend money on it to reach a significant amount of people…but if your ad stinks or if you set it up incorrectly, it could be a complete waste. Don’t get us wrong, you won’t have instant success. Even a Facebook Specialist won’t see instant success. It takes careful measurement and planning, trial and error to get it just right. We’ve practiced this over and over and know what it takes to make a successful campaign or post.

6. Someone That Already Knows the Software

There are a lot of technical aspects of setting up Facebook campaigns. Knowing what size images to use to make sure it looks good, knowing how to turn on and off ads, optimize ads by analyzing what’s working and what’s not, and many more things that is just too much to type here. The point is, there is a learning curve. You may check a box that wastes all your money. If you don’t check the box, it won’t. If you find someone that knows the process and the software involved, you’ll be much safer. A Facebook expert should be able to navigate the platform with ease and know where everything is.

7. Ad & Post Copy

Did you know that you shouldn’t type in ALL CAPS for everything you post? Okay, so maybe you did know that… but there are still people that don’t get it. ALL CAPS loses emphasis if you use it all the time. The same as if you publish an entire paragraph in Microsoft Word in BOLD. The bold is not as interesting. Using best copy practices is important and often times, business owners don’t know them, simply because they didn’t learn how to write marketing copy. That’s not what they do or are interested in. In addition to writing copy (the words in your posts), many small businesses post promotional words too often. Copy that sells includes telling your customers’ story, exploiting the problems they have and THEN finally guiding them to a solution. Hire a Facebook Specialist that knows how to write copy that sells take the wheel of your Facebook Business Page.

So what are you waiting for? Hire a Facebook Specialist Today!

As you can tell by now, it’s really important to get your Facebook plan cleaned up, have a strategy, and use the tool to your advantage. If you found this blog post helpful, then you must be interested in hiring a Facebook Specialist. Tap the button below now to schedule a time to talk.

Zander Aycock

Zander Aycock

Web Designer & Digital Marketer

Zander Aycock is a local marketer that is truly passionate about helping other local businesses. He has spent most of his time working with eCommerce websites and marketing them using Facebook, Instagram and Google with both paid and organic strategies. After gaining a few years of professional experience, he decided to pivot and help some of the local businesses he frequents and loves. Since then, businesses have had successful launches, grown their revenue and customer base, improved their customer's experiences, and got people back to their shops a second and third time.

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