Facebook Pages Manager

Thinking about hiring a Facebook Pages Manager? For businesses of all sizes, Facebook is now the most advanced marketing platform available. Being so advanced, businesses often times overlook or under-utilize tools and features . When you don’t spend hours per day riding out the changes Facebook makes, you’ll get lost quickly and miss out on new opportunities.

Paid Ads and Analytics

Example… did you know you can now upload customer purchase data into Facebook’s advertising platform and backtrack to see which customer that came into your physical store actually saw your ads on Facebook? From there, you could check to see where they saw your ads, whether it was int he newsfeed, the righthand column, Instagram, etc. This is one out of thousands of things you’re probably missing out on.

Facebook Pages Manager: Community

Perhaps you feel like you don’t need all that advanced advertising garbage, but you still recognize the value of having an online presence. Do you or does one of your employees have access to your Facebook Page and monitor it 24/7? It’s unlikely. Hiring a Facebook Pages Manager that is dedicated to your account will help you save time and focus on your products, service, and customers. We have a team of local social media marketers that will work with you one-on-one to make sure your posts align with your brand values. By now, you ought to know you need consistency when it comes to posting on your business’s Facebook Page. You can now continue what you’re doing while a Facebook Pages Manager

  1. Monitors your account
  2. Responds to customer inquiries
  3. Alerts you of any negative feedback so you can take necessary action immediately.
  4. Post Engaging Content
  5. Boosts your posts in an effective way so your posts reach more people in your area
  6. Publishes content consistently to help keep your business at the top of your customers’ minds

We hope that the value in having a Facebook Manager now it is evident and essential to your business. We implore that if you recognize that your time is limited and your Facebook marketing can be much better, that you do something about it today.

Generally, the process we’ll walk you through goes something like this:

  1. Schedule a call
  2. Map out a plan of action (we urge businesses to be open to a budget of $10/day to start)
  3. Grant us permissions/access to your business’s Facebook Page
  4. Focus on your products and leave the Facebook Marketing to us

Schedule a time to tell us about your needs by tapping the button below now. From there, we’ll set up your Facebook Marketing Plan. For more info about our Digital Marketing services, tap here.