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Learn More Here: Instagram is now the place to be. Now that small local businesses can advertise on Instagram using Facebook’s advertising platform (the most advanced + most cheap platform out there today), it’s becoming a one-of-a-kind place for your business to be.

Chances are, you found this page because you’re either looking to find someone to help you with your Local Instagram Marketing, or you’re looking for ways to be more effective and make a bigger impact with your efforts. If either these are why you’re here, you’ve come to the right place. Aycock Marketing is a digital marketing agency located in Rock Hill, SC. We show small local businesses how to grow their Instagram accounts which lead them to more foot-traffic, more transactions, and help get people talking about their business.

Below are some Instagram stats that may be valuable to you.

  • There are Over 500 Million Active Monthly Users 100%
  • 31% of Instagram Users are American Women 31%
  • 24% of Instagram Users are American Men 24%
  • 75% of Instagram Users take action after looking at an Instagram advertising post 75%

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