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Why Your Website Isn’t Making Your Business Money

Do you think you need a website because it's like an "online business card"? There's a problem with that! You've invested all that money and/or time into your website and you haven't seen a dime out of it. What's your return on investment? How do you measure it and...

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7 Important Things Every Website Should Include

Every day, we see businesses that have a cluttered, hard-to-understand, hard-to-read website that make people (customers) want to leave. If they can't understand it in 5 seconds, they'll move on to your competitors to see if they can quickly understand their message....

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How to Run a Spotify Advertising Campaign

Are you advertising on the radio? What about Spotify? Spotify has now opened its platform up publicly to everyone. In this blog post, we'll talk about how to run a Spotify advertising campaign. TL;DR - How much does it cost to advertise on Spotify? You can...

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7 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Facebook Specialist Today

Chances are you don't have time to post on Facebook every day. You're busy operating your business and tending to customers & employees. Good news: so are most business owners. While you have competitors, you're all facing a similar issue: Your Facebook game is...

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What to Post on Facebook: A Local Business Playbook

Ever wonder why no one is engaging with your Facebook posts? This blog lays out a playbook of What to Post on Facebook if you own a local business. Here are some Facebook post ideas we've come up with: 1. Go Live Facebook's Live feature notifies your followers when...

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Hiring a Web Designer VS Building Your Own Website

(image source) You probably came here because you need a website for your business or project. Perhaps you're considering designing your website yourself to save some money. That's why we wrote this post: Hiring a Web Designer VS Building Your Own Website. While this...

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Web Design Process: How it Works

The Web Design Process can vary depending on who you work with. At Aycock Marketing, we prefer to package the whole process and give you bite-sized stages of our process so that you can understand what goes into our web design projects. This also helps you understand...

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