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Ever wonder why no one is engaging with your Facebook posts? This blog lays out a playbook of What to Post on Facebook if you own a local business. Here are some Facebook post ideas we’ve come up with:

1. Go Live

Facebook’s Live feature notifies your followers when you go live. This is a great way to broadcast something you’re doing in the community or something you’re working on at your business. You can talk about whatever you’d like when you go Live, however keep in mind it’s best to provide value to your customers and do less ‘selling’. Take the next points to get some more ideas.

2. Answer a Common Question

Chances are, you get the same questions all the time. What better way to help your customers out by answering those big questions in a post. If you have an FAQ page, tap into that and use each question as a new post.

3. Spotlight Another Local Business You Support

What businesses service your business? How do you work with in your community? Let your followers know who you support in your community and how you do things for each other. It continues the narrative that you’re just like their audience… real, normal people working with other real, normal people. Another reason to do this is because believe karma is real. If you introduce your audience to someone else that can also help them with something else, they’ll be more likely to recommend your business to friends as they know you provide great value.

4. Spotlight a Star Employee

Similar to the last point, spotlighting an employee that works for you and does a great job is a great way to humanize your business and a great way to show you care about your team and value family-style principals. Your employees may find it too, which will make them appreciate the place they work and will make them more like to be in a better mood while working. Your followers may recognize the faces of the employees you spotlight and engage with the post offering more feedback about the great service they received at your business from the employee mentioned, and others too.

5. Share Interesting Facts & News

Share some interesting facts and news about your neighborhood and community. What are some things that people may not already know about your area? You never know who will be amazed to find out info that’s new to them, even if you’ve known it for some time already.

6. Ask Your Audience a Question

Ask your audience what they like about something specific. Ask them about recommendations on things to do in the area, favorite places to eat, favorite thing on your menu, the craziest thing they did this Summer, a poll on what people are doing, etc. When people read a question, they can’t help but answer. Some in their heads, others in the comments section. The more people engage with your Facebook Page, the more people Facebook will show your updates to.

7. Share Tips & How-To’s

Find some topics relative to your business and demonstrate some how-to’s. You can do this with images, video, going Live, carousel posts, etc. If you own a car dealership, teach your audience how to maintain the value of their cards. We all know car values drop almost instantly and continue to while you’re driving them. Wouldn’t your audience love you if you helped them better maintain their car? If you own a gym, would your audience love to know the RIGHT way to use a weight machine… perhaps they aren’t sure if they’re doing things correctly. Are you a Realtor? Offer moving tips and tips on passing a home inspection. Clear the air and offer some advice and demonstrations.

8. Offer Something For Free

Before you start freaking out, just listen. The more you give value to your followers, the more they will respect you, the more they will listen to you, the more they will recommend you, the more they will talk about you to their friends and family, and more. We can all agree on that, right? Nail salon? Offer a free polish removal. Dentist? Offer a free teeth cleaning. Physical Therapist? Offer a free 30 minute evaluation. Retail Store? Offer a free low-cost item that people will find useful. Smoothie Place? Offer one free smoothie. Restaurant? Offer a free dessert or appetizer. Any other type of business? Offer a free eBook packed full of information no one else will tell them. Give value to your customers and they will buy and come back for seconds.

9. Share Reviews & Testimonials

Don’t feel too humble to share good feedback when you get it. People prefer to see feedback from peers before making a decision before they buy. It greatly influences their decision. When you share a testimonial, your potential customers will feel reassured that the next time they consider using you, they’ll be making the right decision on which company to go with. Plus, as an added bonus, past customers may chime in on the comments and offer their personal testimonials and experiences too which could really amplify the post even more!

10. Share a ‘Glossary Post’

I see very few people doing this, but it’s very important. There’s a concept in marketing called the “knowledge gap”. On a scale of 1-10: It’s where you and your business are on a level 10 out of 10 on how much you know about what you do. Meanwhile, your customers are usually between a 1 and 3. Most businesses try to water down their verbiage and end up at a 7 out of 10. That’s not good enough. People don’t know what you’re talking about because they don’t live in your world. You need to try extra hard with your marketing message to be more in the 1-3 range. Dumb it down so a caveman can understand. Seriously, people skim content. They don’t read it. To help do this, you can post verbiage and terminology people in your industry use and explain what it means and how/when you use the term. While you should always be trying to bridge the ‘knowledge gap’ in your marketing, why not make a fun post out of it and share a word people might not know. Sure, there will be some people that know what you’re talking about already… they can ignore it and move on. The ones that had no clue? Now they understand. And they learned something new. People value learning something new. Respect!


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What to Post on Facebook

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Zander Aycock

Zander Aycock

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Zander Aycock is a local marketer that is truly passionate about helping other local businesses. He has spent most of his time working with eCommerce websites and marketing them using Facebook, Instagram and Google with both paid and organic strategies. After gaining a few years of professional experience, he decided to pivot and help some of the local businesses he frequents and loves. Since then, businesses have had successful launches, grown their revenue and customer base, improved their customer's experiences, and got people back to their shops a second and third time.

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