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Get Started Here: Facebook Advertising is an essential part of small local businesses. The truth is… there are thousands of small businesses in the Rock Hill, Charlotte, Fort Mill, Lake Wylie, and Tega Cay areas that are struggling with this. Some of the common struggles for business owners are:

  • Not taking the time to post on Facebook consistently
  • Not delegating Social Media posting to their employees
  • Not having enough time in the day to come up with something creative for their Facebook Page
  • Not having a strategic plan for their online presence
  • Not having the “End in Mind” – Having a clear goal from the beginning
  • They’ve tried boosting a Facebook post once and didn’t like that it didn’t go viral

It’s important to note that if you can relate to any of these things, you’re completely “normal”. But what if you don’t want your business to be “normal” and you want your business to stand out? What if you actually want people to be talking about you and what they saw you post on Facebook to their friends. We all know that word-of-mouth is a powerful thing. Think about word-of-mouth at scale. The power of Facebook allows just that very thing.

It can be intimidating. It can seem like a waste of time. And can seem like it may be expensive. It can also seem like it doesn’t work. But have you really tried? Or have you really put much into it? Little did you know, Facebook is the most advanced advertising platform today while also being the cheapest advertising platform today.

Local Facebook Advertising is like going to the gym. A lot of people go one or two times. They then wonder why they don’t have washboard abs yet and they quit. Do you call that a fair try? Let’s face it, we all know what we’re “supposed to do”. Eat healthily, exercise regularly, get 8 hours of sleep, etc.

Consider this: If you make yourself visit the gym every single day for 3 months straight, you’ll see real results. You’ll lose weight, you’ll build muscle, and you may even make a friend or two. Facebook Ads exactly the same. Have you tried them consistently for a long period of time? Are you wasting your money on local magazines and billboards (aka Slim Fast Milkshakes and weight-loss pills)? You know what works but just haven’t taken the steps to make it happen.

Digital Marketing can help. Schedule a time to meet a local Facebook Advertising Consultant based out of Rock Hill, SC today. Make your advertising efforts more effective, grow your business, get more people to through your door, and most of all: get people talking!

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